Welcome to my photo gallery.

It appears that every self-respecting photography website is expected to display a profound message describing author's attitude to life, the universe, and everything. Determined not to be outdone in this photo-motto pageant, I spent many a sleepless hour trying to come up with an eloquent turn of phrase that would succinctly express my credo (which of course implies I have one, but that is an entirely different story). Not having managed to give birth to anything insightful on my own, I turned to the libraries, hoping to discover a profoundly enlightening piece of Latin that I could adopt as a motto of this site. In the end, I decided that this quest was a waste of time. This site is about images rather than words. Please leaf through the pictures, and hopefully you find some that will brighten your day.

I no longer add new content to this site. My newer pictures are on my new site https://michaelpersin.wordpress.com .

This site consists of three (somewhat overlapping) parts:

Favourites, which contains the gallery of my best images

Travel photos. This is a documentary that attempts to portray the feel of places I traveled to

Snapshots, which contains exactly that - recent snapshots, and is probably interesting only to the participants of the events (or my mother ;-)

If you want to give praise, criticise, or just drop me a note, please use the email. Enjoy!


What's new

New site: https://michaelpersin.wordpress.com



Italy - Sicily




Flinders Ranges, South Australia

Kimberley, Western Australia

Tasmania and New South Wales


Australia - the Red Centre and the Top End

Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Mallee deserts in Victoria and NSW

Northern Italy and Croatia



Eastern Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland)

South America (Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay): part I part II part III